I Am Happier to Know You

by Jeanne M. Eck

About the Book

On November 1, 2006, I Am Happier to Know You was chosen as a finalist in the Spiritualty/General category "BEST BOOKS 2006" BOOK AWARDS. USABookNews.com, is the premiere online magazine and review website for mainstream and independent publishing houses. 

I Am Happier to Know You is the inspiring story of how, on wings of faith, a single, midlife woman and seasoned journalist left her comfortable home in the United States and moved to Egypt. Alone! 

With candor, grace and wit, Eck writes from her heart as well as her funny bone. She details her determination to integrate into a society so different from the one she was raised in, what she learned from Egyptians about their culture and faith, what they taught her about herself, and how Egypt and her people changed her life forever.

Global Praise

“ I Am Happier to Know You will touch you in a way that makes you view your relationships with people from other cultures differently…Jeanne Eck is a true Global Woman! ” 

Global Woman Magazine

This book is so engaging and gives one woman's insight into the plight of coming to a foreign land and starting over. With practical real life examples and make you laugh-out-loud scenarios, her very matter-of-fact depictions about life [in Egypt] are something we have all/will all encounter at one time or another.

Dina Hanna Gad, Intercultural Coordinator, Cairo

“I Am Happier to Know You will touch your heart… [Jeanne] will become your hero as she takes you on a venture that most of us only dream of.

Prairie Guide

The story of a lone American woman as she finds personal strength experiencing a totally new life in Egypt is insightful and compassionate. Her sense of humor took her through many trying circumstances, but brought with it an understanding of a country and a people she truly loves. 

Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum

It was very surprising to me to learn how well author Jeanne Eck understands my people, religion and culture. This is very unusual and amazing for a foreigner. The stories she tells in her book came alive. It was as if instead of reading, I could feel her sitting beside me and whispering them in my ear.  Am Happier to Know You is honest and beautiful! Jeanne has a big heart and a magnificent spirit. 

Mohamed Hassan, Egypt 

Loved it, loved it, loved it…my kind of book…easy to read, extremely interesting & informative…if you have a desire to learn more about the Muslim culture & to have a greater understanding of the people of Egypt this is the book you must read. The author with her wit & charm has done a wonderful job at making you feel you are there with her sharing her experiences. Will definitely order more copies to give to my friends (they’re not getting my copy) who I know will think twice before criticizing the Muslim culture & hopefully have a harder look at our own culture. 

Lexie C. Hudson, NSW, Australia 

A story of a woman's determination and discovery to build a life far from her homeland in a place she feels she belongs. A very easy book to read, sometimes poignant and at other times had me laughing out loud! 

Jose M., Doha, Qatar

... Your book brought me to tears and to laughter. It is the most accurate and deep description of Egyptian society and way of life I have ever read… Am Happier to Know You is a symbol of tolerance and understanding very much needed in these difficult moments between West and East. I hope your book reaches everyone worldwide because we have to be in the same boat, we indeed are the same…Thank you so much for your masterpiece!

Amaya Ugalde Ibáñez, Spain